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Altai Tavan Bogd Tour (Mixed Tour)

In the far western corner of Mongolia lie the Altai Mountains, a stunningly beautiful region of snow capped peaks, immense glaciers and large alpine lakes. We explore the region on foot, on horse and by 4-wheel drive Russian vans. Golden eagles..

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This fantastic Eagle festival combined cultural photographing tour takes place in Western Mongolia, on Altai mountains, one of the longest mountain chains in Central Asia. Spectacular events include competitions based on speed, agility, and accuracy of these magnificent Golden Eagles and some great Kazakh traditional games such as Kokbar, archery and traditional horse racing etc are also organized on the festival days.

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Mongolian Altai Trek. 15 days, 14 nights
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On this special trekking tour you will see the most beautiful places of Western Mongolia with unique Tuvan and Kazakh culture comparing to rest of Mongolia. This 15 day trek let us explore the Altai Tavan Bogd National park ... 

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Altai 8 days mixed tour was spectacular. Totally not what i had expected at the onset. Our guide was amazing, well-informed about the places we visited, very attentive and truly interested on making long lasting frienships with his clients. Made sure we were comfortable, taken care of and made our time very enjoyable. It was specially nice to have such a small group travelling together.
John Clements, USA
Altai 8 days mixed tour

Kazakh Eagle hunter


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This fantastic

trekking adventure

takes place in
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, in Altai Tavan Bogd National Park among the snow-capped peaks of the

High Altai Mountains

, one of the longest mountain chains in Central Asia. In this remote corner where Mongolia, China, and Russia meet, we discover a beautiful swath of untouched wilderness, topped by the 14,000-foot peaks of

Tavan Bogd National Park

. With Bactrian camels and horses to carry our gear, we camp at alpine lakes, hike to a glacier, explore ancient burial mounds and


that are haunting testaments to Mongolia's shamanic traditions, and experience a pristine mountain world where Kazakh nomads still hunt with golden eagles. Join us for a true expedition across trackless terrain - a singular experience for adventurous trekkers.

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